9Honey | Website Redesign, Branding | 2018 | Code & Theory

creating a modular toolkit and a playful new brand for the 9honey publishing platform

Anivive Lifesciences | Digital | 2019 | Moving Brands

redefining a pet therapeutics identity in a digital space to bring innovation to the forefront

Illustration | 2019 | Personal

a self-initiated illustration project to celebrate womxn I find inspirational; some friends, some family, some internet strangers

Lucky Lager | Content Creation, Photography | 2019 | Independent

leading the establishment of the newly-rebranded lager’s identity into the social space

Apple | Digital | 2016 | Critical Mass at Apple

some secret goodies reimagining the future of apple.com

United in Nastiness | Illustration, lettering, branding | 2017-2018 | Personal

the creation of a company that supports women’s reproductive rights

101 Network | Branding | 2018 | Code & Theory

a flexible logo system for a suite of educational websites

Yep. I did that | Branding, Content Creation | 2017-2018 | Independent

defining a brand across platforms for a podcast focused on holistic women’s health

Apple | Social | 2017 | Critical Mass at Apple

more secret goodies for apple’s social platforms

Claremont Florist | Branding, Photography | 2018-2019 | Independent

elevating the brand of a one-woman-run local florist shop

Dignity Health | Digital | 2017-2018 | Code & Theory

giving patients a smart, usable digital experience to manage their healthcare

Citibank Thankyou | Website redesign | 2014 | Critical Mass Chicago

reimagining how rewards members redeem their hard-earned points on the Citibank Thankyou website

Humbly Hemp | Branding, Packaging, Content Creation | 2016 | Independent

defining a new health food company from the ground up