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101 Network, the umbrella brand for a suite of informational publishing sites, came to us to create a flexible logo system for both their overarching network, as well as the individual vertical brands living beneath it.

Beginning with an on-location workshop session, we completed exercises built around exploring personas, values, logo and type moodboards, and tone of voice.

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We gathered valuable insights, including the knowledge that the client was keen to have a logo system built around the shared “101” to closely unify the brands visually while preserving subtle, exciting differences - all while mapping back to the three key values: integrity, accessibility, and engaging.

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Four initial directions were presented as distinct routes to choose from. Each was a different interpretation of the brand feel overall.


Hand sketches quickly moved into digital sketches to experiement with typography and shapes, as they were the main drivers of the mark.

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The final logo consisted of a primary lockup with two abbreviated marks, applied in a number of color applications to offer ultimate flexibility within the system.

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Each vertical within the system adopted the flexibility of the overall brand mark, packaged with a primary logo lockup and abbreviated version, as well as two secondary options.

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Verticals were given specific direction for logo application, utilizing focused, textural photography offering playful takes on the topic.


The system overall is highly cohesive and flexible, offering a clear indication of the umbrella 101 brand for all verticals living within it.