restructuring, rebranding, and redesigning 9Honey, Australia’s leading online women’s publication network

As a lead, I reimagined the visual look and feel of the 9Honey brand and implemented the new design language across the experience, all while using existing content. A highly flexible modular design language was used to create a systematic toolkit for the client's internal development team. Working hand-in-hand with a UX designer, we were able to execute an effective, beautiful new publishing experience that focuses on clean design while increasing content density across the board.


Branding elements were defined throughout an intensive branding workshop and exploration in the forefront of the project

Tiempos, a serif full of character while remaining clearly legible, was chosen for primary headlines, which worked hand-in-hand with the use of geometric Proxima Nova for secondary copy. The brand’s iconic nine-dot logo inspired a design pattern that became a cornerstone of the brand, creating a playful element that guides users throughout the experience. A palette of bright, bold colors tie each piece of content to the vertical it lives within, creating a seamless, clean system across the site.


These colors came into play in a variety of ways. Flushes of color help bring focus to article grids and prominent modules.


Tonal secondary colors help encourage users to engage with certain content and create a dynamic, clean palette


The design system flexes easily across the site, with modules and components that are fully responsive and sharable across templates and verticals


This system works seamlessly across all types of content, from travel to celebrity gossip to cooking and more


Modules were created to be flexible enough to support varying amounts of content

In the case of article page hero modules, the design supports images, videos, featured images, and text-only versions of article headers, giving the client a robust system that leaves no room for errors with edge-cases


each of the verticals under 9Honey is required to stand strong on it’s own

both vertical primary colors and seasonal photography were used in an impactful way in vertical landing page heroes to set the stage for each vertical category