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Claremont Florist, a one-woman floral arrangement studio in Berkeley, focuses on providing curated bouquets and floral services with locally-sourced flowers and materials.

She was looking to define a new logo and brand as she began to reconfigure her product offerings and positioning in a saturated local market.

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After completing a workshop and brainstorm session with her, we were able to nail down her overall vision to focus on a customized serif type-centric logomark that gives a nod to botanics. Three rounds explored various concepts based on this directions, each with accompanying moodboards to visualize photography and treatments to go along with it.

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The final outcome was a brand that embodied the decided-upon brand words: deep, edgy, and refined.

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As the final brand materialized, we understood the need for photography that felt inline with her new look and feel. We were able to complete a photoshoot based on a shared vision board and shot list I developed, and I art directed and shot to provide branded photography assets for her use in various ways.