the challenge: implement a new navigation that’s friendly, conversational, and effective at guiding patients to the content they’re looking for


while redesigning, a content-heavy, complex site, the need to offer simplicity and ease to users in need was one of the main focuses. to do so, we honed in on the ability to embed functionality in useful, smart ways to the navigation.

to create a distinction between the primary navigation and the secondary navigation, a 50/50 split was implemented for the open state of navigation panels. the primary navigation appears on the left half of the viewport, and allows users to dive into interior pages with ease with in-panel smart search functionality

the secondary navigation, which takes over the right half of the viewport, houses all of the tools developed on the Dignity Health site

these panels were designed to contain a simplified version of the full functionality of tool-based pages, allowing users to quickly access information without leaving the page they’re currently viewing

the locations panel allows users to view the facilities closest to them, as well as explore the entire breadth of the Dignity Health network

the My Home panel, which contains anything specific to a patient when logged in, called for an enrollment process that utilizes a natural language form

this allows the form to focus on one field at a time, guiding users through enrollment in a conversational, friendly way with step-by-step interactions